Dropkick Murphy’s
Dortmund 2020.
My very last concert before corona. This is a special memory to me.

Jesse Aherne
support for Dropkick Murphy’s

Dortmund 2020

The Wedding Present
musiktheaterpiano; Dortmund

The Dead South
Wuppertal, Germany

Matthew Logan Vasquez
second support for The Dead South

Danny Oliver
First Support for The  Dead South
Wuppertal, Germany

Some bands and shows i captured over the years. My personal music tastes would be Folk, Americana, Alt Country, Indie and rockabilly. I have an interest in most genres of music and have regularly organized battle of the bands events over the years to bring back some live music into the bars in the Ruhr region of Dortmund and beyond.

Currently interested in doing location video shoots with young bands  in acoustic settings. Contact for details.

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