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Simple realistic vision of you.

My vision of portraits incorporate a blend of the natural and color balance of scenes to fit your style in a natural setting.


Irish born photographer, based in Dortmund, Germany. My background is in Gastronome and my main work is currently as head-chef and and content provider in the Hövels Hausbrauerei, Dortmund.

My main focus for Portraiture is with a fresh turn on urban and landscape portraits, where incorporate the surrounding the local and washed down in golden evening light. A typical shooting lasts for about Two hours in a planned and unique setting and we let the creative juices flow. Typical return of 25-50 high quality and expertly edited images. Prints are optional. All shootings require a detailed contract from me explaining the theme, location, duration, social media posts, reproduction rights, Stylist or Assistants when required. this helps ensure your safety and mine and protects your image and image rights.
Models male or female under the age of 17 will require a parent or guardian to be present at the shooting.

My services


My portraits are styled with scenes to fit the seasons and the subjects with a clear understanding of nature. TFP shoots available when they fit my portfolio. Special offers available in paid shootings. Contracts are required.
included hourly or daily rates. fairly priced


I have 25 years of experience in all kitchens all over Europe from 5 Star to brewery pub and is currently in my main job as HeadChef in the Hövels Hausbaurerei in Dortmund, Germany.
I Control the food styling with the Chef of the kitchen while I dream out the finish and lighting.

Music + Events

The first love of my “Hobby“ is live music! From “The Dead South”to The Dropkick Murphy’s” I also shoot local bands with links to local news websites and magazines, and I cover the show and not the news pic!

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